Domain names

Domain name lifecycle

.com, .net, .org etc domains:

The following image depicts the lifetime of a .com .net or .org domain

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Once a domain enters the ‘Redemption Period’ it will cost more to renew it. Enom’s redemption charge is $250 + 1 year of renewal

This is why it is important to pay invoices on or before their due date.

.ie domains

If the domain is not renewed it will enter Auto Renew Retry which lasts 45 days, during this time the domain can still be renewed. If the domain doesn’t get renewed during the 45 days, this will enter redemption period for 30 more days, during the Redemption Period the domain can still be renewed. If the domain is still not renewed during those 30 days, this will enter Pending Delete for 5 days, during these five days the domain can no longer be renewed or re-registered. It will take 80 days (if unpaid) from the expiry time and date when the domain is deleted and available for registration. The Registrant Contact and Administrative Contact will be contacted by email to inform them that the deletion process has begun for the domain name.

.eu domains:

The life cycle is a little different in that there is no grace period after the domains expiry date, it goes directly into redemption three days BEFORE the expirey date during which there is an additional fee set to retrieve the domain.

Note: Redemption fees are not charged by but by ENOM the domain registrars.

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