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Email connection error

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Written by Dave_W

You email has been working fine for the past year but suddenly you are getting errors like these;

Why is this happening now.

The reason you are seeing this is because your device is trying to connect to the mail server using an Encrypted connection, which is good. But this takes some extra setting up.

Our shared hosting servers all have a hostname, think of it as the servers name, similar to This identifies the server and its IP address so that you can connect to it.

There are two correct ways to configure your email client so that this error does not pop up.

Se lets look at a correct set up A:

By default, all of our servers use a wildcard SSL certificate. This means that we can secure using this certificate. If the device connecting to the mail server sets the incoming and ourgoing server name to be that of the hostname of the server (, then there will be no certificate error as the SSL provided by the server will work for for the domain name

If you have a Personal Pro hosting package upward AND the domains DNS is hosted on the same server, you can configure your domain to use your own Lets Encrypt (Free) SSL for mail. In this case it will set a certificate for as the mail servers certificate for your domain. So now, if you connect as shown below, you will not receive errors;

Correct set up B:

Notice how the Incoming/Outgoing Server name matches the assigned Security Certificate.

In the following instances you will receive a certificate error:

On some email clients you can bypass the error and accept the certificate even though it does not match. This allows you to connect the the mail server securely using what ever SSL certificate is presented by the server.

Correct mail settings for use on all mail clients are available from your client area at under Support >> Mailbox Settings. This will tell you what the hostname of your mail server is and allow you to connect using encrypted connections.

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