Website Backups – Protect your Investment

Written by Martin

Protect your investment for €2.99/month

You have spent a lot of money getting your website online, wouldn’t you pay a small fee to keep it protected?

  • 10,000 websites get blacklisted by Google every day
  • 63% of businesses don’t know that their website is compromised
  • 60% of small and medium businesses don’t backup their website
  • 30,000 website get hacked every day

Think of it as insurance for your website

It’s a common misconception that once your website is online that it’s data is safe and backed up. As your web hosting company we run nightly backups of your website but we only keep these for 7 days and we cannot guarantee the data you want will be recoverable.

Your website can become infected with Malware or possibly break due to an update and not be noticed for several weeks.This is where your website backups are crucial to recover your website to a working version and not have to hire a developer costing you money, wasting time and potentially losing you business.

We would strongly encourage all customers to perform their own off-site website backups as a precaution.

You website will be safe, secure and can easily be restored

We offer a range of backup plans to suit all customers, allowing you to create daily, weekly or monthly backups of your websites and databases, keeping up to 30 backup versions from as little as €2.99/month for 5GB of storage and you can backup as many websites as you like within the storage limits. Click here to backup your website today.

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